Australia Day 2023

Client: City of Perth
Location: Perth, WA

Drone Sky Shows: Australia Day 2023 Drone Show

The City of Perth contracted DSS for their 2023 Australia Day event, presented by Hancock Prospecting, to perform a 500-drone light show.  

The City of Perth’s 2023 Australia Day event featured the theme “Respect, Reflect, Celebrate” and was made even more spectacular with the help of DSS.  

With a crowd of 75,000 in attendance, DSS arranged a dazzling drone light display that elevated the night sky and left the audience in awe.  

The 500 synchronised drones illuminated the darkness with an impressive display of colours and patterns, creating a stunning visual spectacle. The event truly embodied the spirit of inclusivity and unity that Australia Day represents, bringing people of all backgrounds and beliefs together to honour and celebrate their shared heritage.  

The occasion was also marked by an accompanying fireworks display, adding an extra layer of excitement to an already memorable event. Overall, the combination of the drone light show and fireworks display made for an unforgettable and inspiring Australia Day celebration that will be remembered for years to come. 

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