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Whether you are hosting a corporate event, a public celebration, launching a new product, or celebrating a special occasion, our drone sky shows will elevate your event to the next level, leaving a lasting impression on your guests. With our cutting-edge technology and creative vision, we can tailor a performance to suit your specific event, ensuring that your guests will be talking about it for years to come.

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We provide affordable packages for all budgets and event sizes.​


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Our drones are able to create complex designs to really tell a story, that engages your audience.​


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Drone sky shows are more cost-effective than traditional fireworks displays, allowing you to do more for less.​
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Advertise your brand in a captivating way. Our sponsorship opportunities offer exposure beyond conventional channels.

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Eco-friendly Entertainment

Drone light shows are the environmentally friendly crowd entertainment solution. Changing how we celebrate events in an amazing way!


Brand Awareness

Drone light shows work wonders by emotionally connecting viewers with your story and brand, making it a superior form of entertainment and advertising.


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Drone Sky Shows is the largest provider of drone light shows in Australia. Bringing over 18 years of experience in the drone industry, we deliver large-scale drone swarms safely.

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At Drone Sky Shows Australia, we pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional customer experience from start to finish. From the initial consultation to the final performance, our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that your event is a complete success.

We work closely with you to understand your vision and goals, and then use our expertise to create a custom-designed drone light show that is perfectly tailored to your event.

The City of light Drone Show was a triumph for our City.

I want to congratulate and thank you both and acknowledge the significant contribution from all of your team at Drone Sky Shows to help deliver our City’s first drone show.

It was a spectacular success.

It’s a great credit to the many people who worked so passionately to make it happen – including our team at the City of Perth, that collectively we put on a show to remember.

I’m certain it won’t be the last. Bravo gents and thank you.

Basil Zempilas

Lord Mayor of the City of Perth


The Everest Race


City Of Perth

WA Day Perth​

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What is a Drone Light Show?

A drone light show is a spectacle that uses multiple drones equipped with lights to create stunning aerial displays. Australia is a popular destination for drone light shows, with events held in major cities like Perth, Sydney and Melbourne.

These shows are not only visually impressive but also environmentally friendly as they are powered by rechargeable batteries. Experience the magic of a drone light show in Australia today!

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Frequently Asked
Drone Questions

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) requires a 3-month application period prior to show date. This is the minimum period we require to prepare your show and meet all safety standards. For more information visit CASA


A fleet of drones outfitted with LED lights that can be controlled to generate complex aerial displays is used in drone light shows. Each drone is equipped with GPS and other sensors that enable real-time coordination of their movements with a centralised computer system.

Prior to the performance, the drones are programmed with the precise flight routes and lighting schemes they will use. The individual drones are then given these instructions by the central computer system, which tells them to fly to certain spots and switch their lights on and off in a timed manner to produce the required visual effects.

In order to carry out their flight routes and lighting displays, the drones used in the performance are normally flown autonomously, which means that no human supervision is needed. To guarantee that the event works properly and that the drones are flying safely, human pilots remain on standby and ready to take over if required.

Drone light shows are an extremely complex and well-planned technological accomplishment that calls for extensive programming, exact engineering, and skilled drone flying to produce breathtaking airborne displays.

This is the single biggest question we get asked! Locations of drone shows, like with anything else drone related, are largely dictated by CASA (the Civil Aviation Safety Authority). Drone light shows fall under the swarming category and as such require an exclusion zone be prepared and enforced when flying. How big an exclusion zone you will ask? The exclusion zone is worked out on a 1:1 ratio, that means if the highest drone is 100m off the ground, the exclusion zone will extend out to 100m in every direction from the closest drone to people (this also includes people in cars and in boats even though they are undercover). 


Drone light shows go for between 10 and 12 minutes. This depends on how far the launching is away from the show area and how many drones are involved in the show. 


There are multiple factors affecting the price, like drone quantity, launch place and time, logistics and team accommodation. Please contact us to discuss the details. 


From idea to show there are four main steps: 


Our world-class team collaborates with you to ensure we completely understand your vision. 


We handle every step of the process, from concept storyboarding to final rendering, guaranteeing an unforgettable, awe-inspiring show that brings your vision to life. 


Our drone experts handle all insurance and permits and perform extensive on-site testing to ensure your show will be flawlessly executed. 


In many cases, the answer is yes. It is ultimately determined by the number of drones and their availability. 


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Our professional pilots and production crew handle every aspect of your show—from setup to tear down—allowing you to sit back and relax as we raise your brand to new heights. 

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