Drone Light Show at TAB Eureka: The World’s Richest Harness Race

Client: Australian Harness Racing
Location: Menangle Park (NSW)

Relive the enchantment of TAB Eureka at Club Menangle 


The TAB Eureka event marked a historic moment as it hosted the World’s Richest Harness Race, becoming a hallmark of elite harness racing in the Macarthur region. With an impressive $2.1 million in prizemoney, the event drew attention not only for its substantial rewards but also for its blend of traditional sport with cutting-edge entertainment, including a drone light show to conclude the event. 


As night descended upon Club Menangle, 200 drones illuminated the sky. The drones were expertly choreographed to showcase the distinct racing colours of their slot holders. This innovative and awe-inspiring performance left everyone in attendance spellbound. 

TAB Eureka was more than just a sporting event; it was a convergence of tradition and innovation. The combination of world-class harness racing, a dynamic post-event concert, and a groundbreaking drone light show showcased the limitless possibilities of event entertainment. This testament to the power of creativity and technology underscores Drone Sky Show’s ability to elevate events to extraordinary heights.  

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