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Explore the benefits of sponsoring a drone light show with us. Our drone displays offer a fresh approach to advertising, reaching broad audiences at various events and leaving a strong impression.

Australian Drone sky shows

Why Sponsor a Drone Light Show?


Drone shows capture attention across all demographics, widening your brand's reach.


The distinctiveness of drone displays ensures your brand stays in the minds of the audience.


Achieve extensive exposure at events with large attendances, both local and potentially international.

The Sponsorship Process



Sign up to our sponsor register to get notified about upcoming events that suit your brand.



We contact you when an appropriate event comes up to discuss integration opportunities.



Experience your brand featured prominently at the event, creating impactful moments.

Tailored Sponsorship Opportunities

The sponsorship process with Drone Sky Shows is straightforward and collaborative. Initially, you’ll need to register to join our sponsor register, which allows us to notify you about upcoming events that align with your brand’s interests.

Once a suitable event is identified, we will reach out to discuss how your brand can be integrated into the event.

Finally, you’ll experience your brand being featured prominently at the event, creating memorable and impactful moments for the audience.

Bespoke Pricing Model

We understand that each event is unique. Our pricing is tailored to each show, considering factors such as audience size and location to offer you a cost-effective sponsorship package.


Drone Questions

Drone sky shows are a type of entertainment where a fleet of drones equipped with colorful LED lights and advanced flight control systems create dynamic aerial displays in the night sky. The drones can be programmed to fly in a variety of formations and patterns, creating stunning visual displays that can be choreographed to music.


Drone sky shows are controlled by a team of trained pilots who use specialised software to program the drones to fly specific patterns and formations. The drones are equipped with GPS and other sensors that allow them to navigate in the air and communicate with each other, ensuring that they stay in sync during the performance.

Drone sky shows are carefully planned and executed to ensure safety for both the audience and the drones themselves. Before the show, the pilots conduct a thorough risk assessment of the performance area to identify any potential hazards. The drones are also equipped with safety features such as obstacle detection and avoidance systems to prevent collisions in the air.


Drone sky shows are becoming increasingly popular and can be found at a variety of events and venues around the world, including music festivals, sporting events, and corporate events. Some cities and theme parks also offer regular drone shows as part of their attractions.