Tasmania’s Inaugural Drone Light Show 

Client: Sea FM Burnie
Location: Burnie (Tasmania)


Drone Sky Shows played a pivotal role in Sea FM Burnie’s New Year’s Eve celebration. With traditional fireworks ruled out due to permit restrictions, Drone Sky Shows stepped in to deliver an unforgettable drone spectacle that illuminated the night sky.  


The event marked a significant milestone as the first-ever drone show in Tasmania, drawing over 10,000 attendees and becoming a resounding success. The drone display featured captivating visuals, including a Tasmanian devil, a map of Tasmania, and simulated fireworks, showcasing the versatility and creativity that drone technology brings to live events. 

The crowd’s reactions were overwhelmingly positive as evidenced by comments on social media, with spectators praising the precision, synchronisation and creativity of the drone formations. Many expressed enthusiasm for the environmental benefits of drone displays, suggesting a potential shift away from traditional fireworks in the future.  

Sea FM Burnie’s exemplary move showcased the potential of drone shows as an eco-friendly, visually stunning alternative to conventional pyrotechnics, setting a new standard for New Year celebrations in the region. 

All ‘fireworks’ should be drone displays for environmental and sustainability reasons – Martina Irschfeld 

I thought it was fantastic. The timing was perfect. It was articulated perfect. All of the drones were in sync timing was great. It’s really clever. So much time effort and practice goes into these displays. And the thousands of kids that loved it. It was amazing to see. Great job guys.  – Jessy Young 

It would be nice if other councils considered drones….even encorporated them into a smaller fire work event to please the die-hards and to show how good they can be.  – Carol Hilyer  

I can see fireworks becoming a thing of the past. Drone displays and Lazer light shows are so much better. And safer in fire season, and much better for our health. – Christopher Leonard 
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