WA Day 2022

Client: Celebrate WA
Location: Perth, Western Australia (WA)

Drone Sky Shows – WA Day 2022 drone show event, Perth, Western Australia.

Drone Sky Shows were invited by the City of Perth to collaborate on a performance for WA Day 2022 Festival.

The WA Day Festival is a popular, inclusive celebration that brings together Western Australians from all cultures and walks of life and of all ages.

Drone Sky Shows designed and delivered a mesmerising drone show at the WA Day festival in Perth. WA Day 2022 was a successful spectacle complete with live music.

Five hundred drones lit up the night sky and imaginations, showcasing iconic images that would best tell the story of WA, choreographed to an epic playlist in sync with the festival’s theme. Over 140,000 visitors attended the show.

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