WA Day 2023

Client: Celebrate WA
Location: Perth and Pert Hedland, Western Australia (WA)

WA Day 2023 Port Hedland – 500 Drone Light Show


Drone Sky Shows were invited to Port Hedland and Perth to collaborate on a performance for WA Day 2023 Festival.

Celebrate WA is a not-for-profit organisation responsible for promoting and organising the annual WA Day celebrations; the WA Day Festival is a popular, inclusive celebration that brings together Western Australians from all cultures and walks of life and of all ages. 


Drone Sky Shows delivered two awe-inspiring aerial displays during the vibrant WA Day festivals held in Perth and Port Hedland, captivating audiences with a harmonious fusion of music and illuminated artistry that depicted the essence of Western Australia, as a fleet of five hundred drones gracefully danced across the night sky, leaving a lasting impression on the imaginations of over 140,000 mesmerised spectators. 

WA Day 2023 – Port Hedland
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