Australia’s First Ever Drone Light Show Marriage Proposal

Client: ME Event Australia
Location: Sydney (NSW)

The first-ever drone show marriage proposal in Australia was a huge success that brought tears of joy to the couple on such a special occasion


In a groundbreaking moment, Drone Sky Shows marked a new chapter by orchestrating Australia’s premier marriage proposal drone light show in Sydney, August 2023. Engaged by ME Event Australia, this dynamic event encapsulated not just cutting-edge technology, but the very essence of love and connection.


Our dedicated team channelled their expertise and enthusiasm to craft a spellbinding 100-drone display that told a beautiful story in lights. This event signifies not only a milestone in Drone Sky Shows’ journey but a testament to innovation and heartfelt storytelling. Beyond the breathtaking display of lights, this was about weaving emotions into the tapestry of technology. As we launch our intimate drone light shows tailored for weddings, proposals and anniversaries moments, we bring the same enchantment on a more personal scale. 

A special thank you to our partners, Motion Bound Pictures and Aus Aerial Media, whose skilful capture ensures that this magic will be remembered forever. The success of this event reaffirms our commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity in event design. 

Stay tuned for more captivating moments as Drone Sky Shows continues to redefine what’s possible in the world of celebrations.  

Australia’s First-ever Drone Light Show Marriage Proposal | 100 Drones
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