Behind the scenes: The art of drone light creation 

Behind the Scenes: The Art of drone light creation 

If you’ve ever experienced the dazzling display of drone lights in the night sky, you might have asked yourself, “How is a drone light show created?”

Creating a drone light show involves a combination of art and technology. It entails designing and choreographing a series of light patterns and movements that can be executed by a fleet of drones and then programming and coordinating the drones to perform these movements in synchronisation with music or other audio elements. 

Let us take you inside the operations of Australian drone light show experts Drone Sky Shows. 

There are several steps involved in creating a drone light show: 

Step 1 – Planning 

Planning out the overall concept and design is the first step in producing a drone light show. This could entail selecting a theme, selecting the colours and patterns for the LED lights, as well as deciding on the overall design and choreography of the performance. 

Step 2 – Programming 

Once the show’s concept has been developed, the next step is to choreograph the show. To do this, a thorough plan must be made for the drones’ movements and patterns as well as their timing and synchronisation with any accompanying music or audio components. 

Step 3 – Rehearsals 

We test the drones after they have been programmed to make sure they can safely and accurately carry out the desired movements and light shows. This may involve adjusting the programming or making other changes to ensure that the drones are able to fly in a coordinated and synchronised manner. 

Step 4 – Set up 

The Drone Sky Shows crew drives or flies to the event destination and sets up for the show a few days prior to the event. The drones and their supporting equipment (such as the central computer system and any lighting or sound equipment) must be set up and tested to ensure that everything is working properly. 

Step 5 – Showtime!  

After weeks of preparation and testing, the drones can be launched and the show can begin!  

A visually stunning display will be produced for the audience by the drones as they follow the preprogrammed instructions to carry out the desired movements and light displays. An extensive amount of planning, coordination and technical know-how is required to produce a drone light show. It requires a combination of artistic vision and technical skills to design and execute a successful show. 

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