Drone light shows delight crowds at Burning Man & Coachella festivals

Burning Man drone show.

Drone light shows delight crowds at Burning Man & Coachella festivals

A great live event does more than generate buzz about your show. It can leave a lasting impression on your audience and customers, boosting sentiment, cultivating loyalty and even fostering long-term growth that pays off for years. As music enthusiasts seek novel and life-changing experiences, music event organisers are continuously aiming to create bigger and better shows.

Drone light shows have become a real highlight at festivals and concerts around the world, and it’s easy to see why. This innovative cutting-edge technology offers an exciting way to add a level of wonder and intrigue at events that is unrivalled by other technologies.

Drone displays are ideally positioned as the perfect choice for music festivals worldwide due to their ability to create unforgettable memories that will transform any event into something extraordinary.

There is no better and more memorable way to engage your crowd than with a sparkling display of dancing lights colouring the night sky. Drone light shows have already made a big impact at major events such as Burning Man and Coachella in the US.

Australia has also seen an increased uptake of drone shows at festivals. For example, Drone Sky Shows performed a stunning drone display at the WA Day 2022 festival in Perth, attended by over 140,000 visitors. Five hundred drones lit up the night sky and imaginations, showcasing iconic images that told the story of Western Australia, choreographed to an epic playlist in sync with the festival’s theme.

Unique wow factor

Drone light shows are truly breathtaking, and they’re something that people of all ages can enjoy. The drones can perform elegant maneuvers, create beautiful designs, tell a story and put on a striking show that captivates all those watching below.

Connect with your crowd

Drone displays can be uniquely tailored to fit the specific needs, themes and branding of an event. Drone shows can be used to create stunning visual displays that complement the other art and visual elements at the event. For example, drones can be used to create patterns or shapes that reflect the event’s aesthetic or complement the stage design.

If the festival or concert has a specific message that they want to convey, the drones can be programmed to spell out words or create designs that align with that message. This can help to reinforce the message and make it more impactful for the audience.

Elevated excitement

In addition to the visual element, these high-energy performances can also create a sense of excitement and anticipation as the show builds towards its climax, adding an extra layer of drama and elevated emotions to the concert or festival experience.

Finally, drone light shows can be synchronised with the music to create a more immersive and cohesive concert experience. The drones can be programmed to move and change colours in response to the beat of the music, which can help to create a more dynamic and engaging show for the audience.


Beyond the obvious wow factor of this uptake in drone technology as an entertainment tool, the use of drones instead of fireworks is also better for the environment, they’re reusable, they don’t scare our pets or endanger wildlife, have no fire risk and are overall safer. We can see the changes within Australia at a national level for major events.

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