2022 Highlights: Taking a look back on the year… 

Drone Sky Shows: Leading the way in Drone Light Shows.

The past 12 months have been nothing short of incredible for the entire Drone Sky Shows (DSS) group. We’ve seen our team expand and evolve nationwide, and have been breaking into new and exciting markets working with forward-thinking national and international clients. 

From our company’s first-ever drone light performance in February 2022 for the City of Perth with 300 drones to now regularly delivering 500 drone light events safely and reliably, here’s a look back at our 2022… 

City of Light Show – City of Perth – Perth, Western Australia  


One of our key successes was being a repeated occurrence and represented in Perth’s major events numerous times this year, starting off with a mesmerising 300 drone choreography for the City of Light Show in February. 

2022 WA DAY – Celebrate WA – Perth, Western Australia  


This breathtaking show for WA Day featured 500 drones choreographed and designed to instil a sense of pride by drawing on the region’s key icons and remembering all the great things Western Australia stands for that make people love living in this state. 

Royal Show – Royal Agricultural Society of WA (RASWA) – Perth, Western Australia  


The Perth Royal Show is a greatly anticipated and much-loved cultural and community event since 1834, bringing together farmers and performers to families and thrill-seekers alike. This year, DSS impressed the Royal Show audience with a 180-drone light show as a highlight of the event. 

Barrier – NSW Racing – Sydney, New South Wales 


NSW Racing aimed to host the biggest event in its history and a drone light show what exactly was needed to make that happen. Our 500 drone show was a huge success, quoting Peter V’landys, CEO of Racing NSW: “This drone show will go all around the world promoting Sydney.”  

SEE LV Exhibition – Louis Vuitton – Sydney, New South Wales  


After dazzling crowds in major cities worldwide, Louis Vuitton brought SEE LV to Sydney as an Australia-first in November 2022, and we were delighted to form a key piece of this exclusive event.  

Through immersive and interactive digital experiences, SEE LV allows visitors to delve deep into the world of the famous fashion house, and DSS added that extra spark of magic with a 500 drone show during the opening week as part of their global rollout. 

Christmas City of Light Show – City of Perth – Perth, Western Australia  


Five-hundred drones took to Perth’s night sky on two nights in November in a dazzling opening to 2022’s City of Lights Christmas series for the summer season.  

Roy Hill – Newman, Western Australia  


Celebrating 30 years of Mrs Gina Reinhardt’s position as a chairman at Roy Hill, our light show featured 300 drones choreographed and designed to mark this special occasion and celebrate the company’s exciting future in the most impressive way. 

Reflecting on our 2022 performances, we want to thank our clients and all involved for an amazing year. 

We look forward to all that 2023 has in store including new and exciting 1,000+ drone shows on the horizon! 

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