Drone Sky Shows Democratising Drone Light Shows

At Drone Sky Shows Australia, we believe drone entertainment shouldn’t be exclusive to big-budget events. As the leading provider of drone entertainment in Australia and New Zealand, we’re committed to using the leading drone industry technology to make drone light shows accessible and affordable for the general public find out how to receive 50% OFF the standard pricing!

Democratising Drone Light Shows

Drone Light Shows and Fireworks have historically been high-cost luxuries reserved for major events. A driving goal of Drone Sky Shows is to make drone entertainment accessible to everyone. We focus on leveraging new technologies and efficient planning to reduce operational costs, making drone light shows a viable option for smaller events and private celebrations.

Innovative Technology and Efficient Operations

Our fleet of drones is equipped with the latest advancements in aerial technology, allowing for pre-programmed, synchronised performances that reduce the need for large operational crews and cut down costs significantly. This automation not only makes shows safer but also more affordable.

Telling Your Story with Drones

Whether it’s a wedding, a local festival, or a corporate event, our drones can create a tailored experience that reflects the theme and emotion of your occasion. This personalisation is at the heart of what we do, helping you tell your story and connect with people.

Community and Cultural Celebrations

We are proud to work with local governments and community groups to design drone shows that celebrate cultural events and national holidays, ensuring these celebrations are memorable and spectacular, yet cost-effective.

Expanding Our Reach

The advantage you have partnering with Drone Sky Shows is our pre-approved locations across Australia and New Zealand. Australia’s most trusted drone light show provider with a proven track record, allows us to reduce processing times bringing affordable drone light shows to even more people.

Get Started Today

Drone Sky Shows is dedicated to breaking down the barriers to accessing high-quality drone entertainment. With our innovative approach and commitment to affordability, we are opening up new possibilities for storytelling and celebration that were previously unimaginable.

Book your wedding or event from April to the 1st of October and receive 50% OFF the standard pricing!

Get in touch to see how we can make your next event extraordinary.

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