How are drone light shows used at sports events? 

How are drone light shows used at sports events? 

Are you looking for ways to convey a message, produce emotion and truly make an impact at your next sports event? Then you want to consider drone light shows.

Drone light shows have quickly become one of the most innovative and exciting ways to bring an extra layer of spectacle to sports events.

Whether it’s a halftime show at a football game or an opening ceremony for a major sporting event, drone light shows with their extraordinary display of colour and light set against the night sky captivate viewers from far and wide with stunning choreography that delights the senses.

Two famous sporting events at which drone shows were used, included the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, and the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. These spectacles showcased the capabilities of drone technology’s beauty and innovation which undoubtedly left the audience in awe.

Here are a few reasons why drone light shows are an excellent addition to sports events:

Captivating visuals

Drone light shows are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before and each show is new and different. The drones can create patterns, and shapes and even spell out words in the sky, all while changing colours and dancing to the beat of the music. It’s a visual feast that is sure to captivate and entertain any audience.

Promote a brand or message

Drone light shows can be customised to fit the theme, logo, colours or other branding elements that help to promote a team or sponsor. Whether you want to spell out your team’s name or create a specific design, the possibilities are endless. This can be a particularly effective way to get attention and make an impact at a sports event.

Elevated excitement

Seeing a fleet of drones perform a coordinated light show can be an awe-inspiring and exciting experience, adding to the overall atmosphere and energy of the event.

Pre-game or halftime entertainment

A drone light show can be used as an entertaining and attention-grabbing feature during pre-game or halftime activities.

In-game enhancements

Drone light shows can also be used to enhance the in-game experience for attendees. For example, drones can be used to create a spectacular light display during breaks in play or at key moments in the game.


While drones can sometimes be perceived as a safety concern, drone light shows are actually very safe. At Drone Sky Shows, our drones are operated by our expert team of professionals and are carefully choreographed. We follow the necessary safety regulations and are CASA certified.

Overall, drone light shows can be a powerful and effective way to enhance the sports event experience for attendees and create a powerful impression that is sure to be memorable. 

So if you’re looking to bring something new and exciting to your next sports event, consider adding a drone light show to the mix!  

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