VOCUS – Product Launch

Client: VOCUS
Location: Western Australia (WA)

Vocus Satellite – Starlink Product Launch.


Drone Sky Shows were engaged by Vocus to perform a promotional light show for the launch of one of their new products.  

Vocus is an Australian telecommunications company that offers broadband, fixed-line phone and mobile phone services to customers in Australia and New Zealand. Given their strong focus on innovation and customer service, it made sense for Vocus to choose cutting-edge technology to launch one of their new products. A drone light show would not only showcase Vocus’ commitment to innovation but would also leave an exciting and memorable impression on viewers, generating buzz for the company’s brand and its values. 


Drone Sky Shows delivered and recorded a unique and visually stunning customised drone display for a campaign to promote Vocus Satellite – Starlink, the game-changing global network of low earth orbit satellites revolutionising connectivity across Australia and unlocking endless opportunities for industry and government. Vocus received an entire campaign of footage to be used for their product launch. 

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